Key Publications

Nature 2014

Lopez-Rios J., et al. 2014


Attenuated sensing of SHH by Ptch1 underlies evolution of bovine limbs.

Dev Cell 2014

Osterwalder M., et al. 2014


HAND2 Targets Define a Network of Transcriptional Regulators that Compartmentalize the Early Limb Bud Mesenchyme.

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Lopez-Rios J., et al. 2012


Gli3 constrains Digit Number by Controlling both Progenitor Proliferation and BMP-Dependent Exit to Chrondogenesis.

Dev 2011

Probst S., et al. 2011


SHH propagates distal limb bud development by enhancing CYP26B1-mediated retinoic acid clearance via AER-FGF signaling.

Nat Meth 2010

Osterwalder M., et al. 2010


Dual RMCE permits high-throughput re-engineering of mutant alleles in mouse ES cells.

Plos 2010

Galli A., et al. 2010


Distinct Roles of Hand2 in Initiating Polarity and Posterior Shh Expression during the Onset of Mouse Limb Bud Development

Science 2009

BĂ©nazet J.D., et al. 2009


A Self-Regulatory System of Interlinked Signaling Feedback Loops Controls Mouse Limb Patterning

Nat Rev 2009

Zeller R., et al. 2009


Vertebrate limb bud development: moving towards integrative analysis of organogenesis.

GenesDev 2004

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Mouse limb deformity mutations disrupt a global control region within the large regulatory landscape required for Gremlin Expression.

Science 2002

teWelscher P. et al. 2002


Progression of Vertebrate Limb Development through SHH-Mediated Counteraction of GLI3

Nature 1999

Zuniga A., et al. 1999


Signal relay by BMP antagonism controls the SHH/FGF-4 feedback loop in vertebrate limb buds.