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Postdoctoral Fellow

The goal of the lab is to understand the Signalling integration over Grem1 regulatory landscape during limb development. I contribute to it by using sequencing-based new methodologies. My personal interest and aim is to ‘crack’ (OR! toDecipher, in  scientific or Oxford terminology) the transcriptional cis– regulatory code during the development, evolution and disease.

Rushikesh Sheth


Sheth, R., Barozzi, I., Langlais, D., Osterwalder, M., Nemec, S., Carlson, HL., Stadler, HS., Visel, A., Drouin, J., and Kmita, M. Distal limb patterning requires modulation of cis-regulatory activities by HOX13.

(Cell Reports: 2016 Dec 13; 17(11): 2913-2926) issue cover

Kherdjemil Y., Lalonde, R., Sheth, R., Dumouchel, A., Martino,G., Pineault, K., Wellik, D., Stadler, HS., Akimenko, MA., Kmita, M. Evolution of Hoxa11 regulation in vertebrates is linked to the pentadactyl state.

(Nature: 2016 Nov 3; 539(7627):89-92) issue cover

Sheth, R., Bastida, MF., Kmita, M., Ros, M. “Self-regulation” a new facets of Hox genes’ function

(Developmental Dynamics. 2014 Jan; 243(1): 182-91)

Sheth, R., Grégoire, D., Dumouchel, A., Scotti, M., Pham,J., Bastida, MF., Ros, M., and Kmita, M. De-coupling the function of Hox and Shh in developing limb reveals multiple inputs of Hox genes on limb growth.(Development: 2013 May; 140(10): 2130-8.)

Sheth, R., Marcon, L., Bastida, MF., Junco, M., Quintana, L., Dahn, R., Kmita, M., Sharpe, J., Ros, MA. Distal Hox genes regulate digit patterning by controlling the wavelength of a Turing type mechanism. (Science: 2012 Dec 14; 338(6113): 1476-80)

Probst, S., Kraemer, C., Demougin, P., Sheth, R., Martin, G., Shiratori, H., Hamada, H., Iber, D., Zeller, R., Zuniga, A. SHH propagates distal limb bud development by enhancing CYP26b1-mediated retinoic acid clearance via AER-FGF signaling.

(Development: 2011 May; 138(10): 1913-23.)

Bastida, MF., Sheth, R., Ros, MA. A BMP-Shh negative-feedback loop restricts Shh expression during limb development. (Development: 2009 Nov; 136(22): 3779-89)

Sheth, R., Bastida, M. F., Ros, MA. Hoxd and Gli3 interactions modulate digit number in the amniote limb. (Developmental Biology: 2007 Oct 15; 310 (2): 430-441)

Kuijper, S., Feitsma, H., Sheth, R., Korving, J., Reijnen, M., Meijlink, F. Function and regulation of Alx4 in limb development: complex genetic interactions with Gli3 and Shh.

(Developmental Biology: 2005 Sep 15; 285(2):533-544)

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